Detective Comics Annual (vol 1) #2 NM

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Batman speaks to a stranger about an incident that took place when he was only a teenager. Bruce Wayne had found an aging detective named Harvey Harris, and begged him to take Bruce under his wing and teach him how to be a detective. Harvey let Bruce tag along with him, and together they began investigating a string of grisly murders in a town called Huntsville.  Harvey and Bruce discovered that the murders were related to a group of white supremacists that terrorized a nearby shantytown "a quarter of a century back". The mastermind behind these deaths was the crippled physician Dr. Malcolm Falk. Dr. Falk was the son of the supremacist movement's founder and town elder Richard Hunt. His mother was a black servant named Maybelle. Richard Hunt murdered his mistress to cover up his infidelity and also crippled his own son. To get revenge upon the surviving members of the supremacist group, Dr. Falk hired a maniac named Ben Carr to systematically slaughter them one by one.  Bruce and Harvey cracked the case and Carr was exposed. In an ensuing firefight with police, a bullet struck Harvey Harris and he died soon after but not before Harvey told Bruce with his dying words that he knew who Bruce really was behind the Frank Dixon persona and said that Bruce shouldn't let his anger get the best of him but rather control it. It was some time later that Bruce made the connection between Ben Carr and Dr. Falk. He confronted Dr. Falk and told him that he had learned the truth. However, there was no evidence to implicate him in the murder conspiracy. Now, many years later, the Batman confronts the aging Dr. Falk at Harvey Harris' tombstone. Batman visits Dr. Falk once every year to torment his conscious and remind him of the pain and death that his actions had caused.


A list of updated Who's Who profiles of the most famous villains of the Batman mythos.