Detective Comics (vol 1) #384 FN

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Batman comes across a young lady called Heloise Madigan and saves her from three men who sought to murder her. Batman then learns that Madigan has recently become the heiress of a big fortune and that she has been targeted by the underworld. When Batman takes her to a safe place, he learns that the girl is not really Ms. Madigan, but a look-alike called Colleen Kiernan. When the truth about their identities comes to light, the real Heloise is attacked by some goons and Batman arrives in time to save her. In the meantime, Ms. Kiernan is conferring with Kenneth Rogers, the man behind the attacks and Kiernan's partner in crime. When she tells him that she wants out of the operation, Rogers threatens to kill her and replace her with another similar looking person, but just before he could commit the crime, Batman arrives and captures Rogers and his gang, preventing more crimes against Heloise Madigan. As an appreciation demonstration, Heloise offers Batman a large sum of money, but Batman refuses it and tells her to give the money as a donation to the Wayne Foundation.
When Barbara Gordon becomes infatuated with library patron Mark Hanner, she decides to try and impress him with a new hair style. When he doesn't show up in his usual schedule the following week, she decides to pay him a visit by looking up his home address on his file card. Upon arriving she bumps into a woman, but pays it no mind. When she notices that Mark is not home and somebody recently has been in his apartment and stole his medication, she begins to track the woman she ran into in the hall as Batgirl. Tracing her to an old brownstone she finds a bunch of armed thugs. Making short work of them and bursting into the next room she finds Mark passed out and slumped of over a chair.