Detective Comics (vol 1) #417 FR

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A writer has been working on several different jobs in order to get a different perspective for his articles. After being a boxer for a day, he asks Commissioner Gordon to help him contact Batman in order to become the Dark Knight for a day.  Despite Batman's brief training and advice, the writer fails on his first mission as Batman and he attempts to use a gun in self-defense. He is stopped by Batman, who gives the man a lecture on guns and allows him one last chance. As the writer analyzes his mistakes during the day, he ponders what could be the fuel that keeps Batman going. Unfortunately, tragedy befalls him that same day as his sister is killed by some goons during a bank robbery.  When Batman gets involved in the case, they manage to track down the criminal and both the writer and Batman get ready to capture them. However, at the sight of the killer, the writer becomes utterly determined to nab the crook, and he ignores Batman's warnings, knocks down Batman and confronts the criminals all by himself. After the writer manages to stop the crooks alone, he finally understands what is it that gives Batman the motivation needed to keep fighting.


Commissioner Gordon has vowed to get revenge on the man who killed police officer Jim McClean, and has his targets set on Zed Kirtz of the Ice-Man gang. Getting into a gun fight against the crooks, they are easily defeated due to the intervention of Batgirl.  After stopping the crooks, Batgirl spots her imposter who posed as her watching the fight, and so she knocks the girl out and takes her place and is taken to the real killer of Jim McClean: A hood named Rods. After finding out who they are the crooks are about to force Batgirl to unmask when the police show up with Commissioner Gordon to break them up.  After wards the Commissioner offers to ride Batgirl home, who declines not wanting to reveal her secret identity to him. However, that night as Barbara Gordon sleeps, her father watches over her wondering when she will reveal to him that she is really Batgirl.


After he reads a story about a detective that could solve crimes from his chair, Alfred tries to emulate the man, but he is soon captured by some criminals. Despite his dire situation, Alfred finds a way to capture the crooks unintentionally.