Fantastic Four #171 VF

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The cover of this issue almost looks like King Kong holding Naomi Watts, aka Ann Darrow. The main difference is that this giant ape is yellow instead of brown. The story itself has Gorr looking into a window of the Baxter Building and seeing Sue, he reaches in and seizes her. The following scenes are right in the King Kong tradition. He stands at the top of the Baxter Building with the gorgeous blonde in his hand. Mr. Fantastic and the Thing quickly follow in the Fantasti-Car. Thing punches Gorr twice, but the giant ape still refuses to let go of the Invisible Girl. Sue uses her force field to try and free herself from the ape's grip. It causes her immense strain, but she finally succeeds. After a little more fighting, Gorr falls out of the Torch''s grip and he is caught by the Thing.