Fantastic Four #348 News Stand Edition VF

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The FF have been captured by De'Lila, a rogue Skrull, disguised as Sue. She has convinced a new foursome of heroes, Hulk, Spider-man, Wolverine, and Ghost Rider to go defeat the Monsters of Earth summoned by the a Skrull party who is pursuing her. While the heroes are away, De'Lila uses Reed to find a certain egg. Meanwhile the Mole Man gets upset by the Skrulls interference with his monsters. He sends Giganto out to fetch the Skrulls ship and bring it to his subterranean domain. The heroes finish battling one of the monsters and also go down into Mole Man's world. The Mole Man allows the heroes to interrogate the Skrulls and the rogue Skrull plot is revealed. It seems all they have to do is team-up to help stop De'Lila's plans to assassinate the Skrull Emperor..