Fantastic Four (vol 1) #152 VF

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The story begins where the previous issue's cliffhanger ending left us. Mr. Fantastic is falling to his doom from a window near the top of the Baxter Building, having been beaten by Mahkizmo at the end of FF #151. Fortunately, Thundra and Medusa just happen to be standing below him and Thindra saves him. Thundra goes into the Baxter Building to Mahkizmo, who is holding a semi-conscious Human Torch. However, soon after they begin fighting, there is a blast of power and the two combatants disappear. Mr. Fantastic figures out where they went, to the city of Machus. Sue and Franklin stay behind at the Baxter Building, while Reed, Johny and Medusa chase after Thundra and Mahkizmo. After much fighting in the city of Machus, Thundra is knocked out and the three male FF members are captured...

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