Fear Itself Herc Prem HC Hercules

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Hercules returns to the mortal world -- but this time he's one of us, as the Chaos War stripped him of his godly status. Outfitted with an arsenal of mythical weapons along with his usual good looks and otherworldly charm, Herc takes to the streets of Brooklyn, where the locals anoint the former god their new champion! But when the Asgardian god of fear unleashes his army on New York, spreading terror among the masses and inciting wordwide chaos, the Ares-worshipping cult the Warhawks attempts to seize control of Brooklyn -- with only Herc to stand in their way. WIth the likes of the Hobgoblin, Kingpin, Hecate and Kyknos -- Son of Ares -- putting him to the test, will the now-mortal Hercules succumb to his super-powered and divine foes? Or will he rise to prove himself one of Brooklyn's finest? Collecting HERC #1-6. Rated T+