Gambit and the X-Ternals #4 NM

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After Xavier: The Age of Apocalypse. The X-Ternals are back on Earth with the M'Kraan Crystal, but Rictor is still on their tale and one member has switched sides. Not only does the shard end up in peril, but so does Magneto's son. SynopsisIn the Morlock Tunnels, lovers Dazzler and Exodus find the remains of Nanny, the mobile, mechanical construct that was in charge of watching over Magneto's son, Charles. They find the boy is missing. Elsewhere, Apocalypse interrogates Rictor about recent events in the Morlock Tunnels while a child sleeps in the background. Those events: Gambit and Lila run through the tunnels in an attempt to get away from Rictor. They are unaware that Rictor has a plan that enables him to track Guido and Jubilee, the others in the X-Ternals (Sunspot had sacrificed himself in the last issue). He is bound and determined to bring Gambit to the feet of Apocalypse. At this point in Rictor's narration to Apocalypse, Apocalypse asks if Rictor ever contemplated being set up since Jubilee was the one with the shard from the M'Kraan Crystal. Rictor sees his lust for bringing in Gambit could have destroyed everything Apocalypse had worked for. Apocalypse begins to reveal a bit more of the story: Jubilee is on the run from Guido. She has no idea what's going on, only that he no longer appears to be an X-Ternal. Oddly enough, she not only carries the shard of the M'Kraan Crystal but also Charles Lehnsherr, Magneto's son. She reflects on what the plan had been: She and Guido take the shard to Magneto at the mansion in Westchester. As they were on their way, they meet the Nanny, the protector of young Charles. For some reason, Guido smashed the Nanny and turned on Jubilee. She'd been running since and, since Guido was the one who knew where Magneto was, she's running blind with a crying boy. Guido causes a flood which makes Jubilee have to stop and wait it out. By then, Guido has caught up. He takes the shard and explains that he has no choice in betraying the team....