Generation X #38 NM

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Cover pencils by Terry Dodson, inks by Rachel Dodson. Mystery Train, script by Larry Hama, pencils by Terry Dodson, inks by Rachel Dodson; Banshee, Husk and Penance are rocketing along on an interdimensional train looking for Synch when they are reunited with Chamber and Jubilee; The team takes the train to the Citadel of the Universal Amalgamator where M-Plate is trying to force Synch to use his mutant powers to activate the machine; Once Synch's friends arrive, M-Plate uses them as pawns in her game; Just as Synch is on the point of doing the deed to save his friends, the mutant rat, Dirt Nap, leaps down and swallows M-Plate. 38 pgs. $1.99. Cover price $1.99.