Ghost Rider (1990 2nd Series) #40 NM

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Midnight Massacre: Part 2 of 5 – "Hunters!" Guest-starring Frank Drake. Written by Howard Mackie. Art by Ron Garney and Christopher Ivy. Story continued from Nightstalkers (1992) # 10. Empowered by the Darkhold, Blade becomes Switchblade and begins a quest to eliminate all supernatural entities, killing Hannibal King and Johnny Blaze, and absorbing their supernatural abilities. In the Bronx, Switchblade slays a witch, while elsewhere, Demogoblin runs down a sorcerer who barters for his life by revealing the Demogorge has possessed Blade. Demogoblin tortures him for more information before killing him, the sorcerer's screams drawing Drake and Ghost Rider's attention. Coveting the Demogorge's power, Demogoblin escapes, but Drake adjusts his gun Linda to detect supernatural energies, allowing them to track Blade. At a club, Switchblade tracks down Seer, but before he can kill her Demogoblin appears to propose an alliance. Switchblade only wants to kill him, but the distraction allows Drake and Ghost Rider to catch up to them. Still hoping to broker a deal, Demogoblin takes Switchblade and Seer to the World Trade Center, with Ghost Rider close behind. Switchblade stabs both Ghost Rider and Demogoblin, slaying the latter. Seer teleports a way to warn the others of the Blood while Switchblade overpowers Ghost Rider; Drake arrives in time to rescue him, and, aware they cannot best Switchblade alone, sends Ghost Rider away to recruit allies. Story continues in Darkhold (1992) #1. 32 pages, FC. Cover price $2.25.