Ghost Rider 2099 #1 NM

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Kenshiro Zero Cochrane is a hacker from Transverse city being hunted down for stealing important information from the corporation D/Monix. D/Monix hires The Artificial Kidz gang to hunt him down. His found and shot with a poisoned flechette round. On the bring of death, he uploads his consciousness into cyberspace to prevent losing the information he stole. Chochrane's mind is discovered by an artificial intelligence know as the Ghost Works. The Ghost works ask him to become their avatar in the real world. Because of his rebellious attitude his is their ideal candidate. He accepts their offer and his mind is put in to a robotic Cybertek 101 body. Due to his similarity to the original, he becomes know as Ghost rider. Chochrane then seeks veengance on the Artificial Kidz.