Ghost Rider #30 Newsstand Edition NM

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"Nightmares of Truth!" The nearly dead Dan Ketch's mind has entered Nightmare' s dream realm; Nightmare torments him with visions of the Lilin and his dead sister Barbara, and uses Dan's link to Ghost Rider to pull the burning biker' s mind there too. Ghost Rider futilely attacks Nightmare, who reveals he has learned Ghost Rider is not Zarathos (the spirit that possessed the original Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze), and that he wants Dan and Ghost Rider dead so that Lilith and her children will be able to spread fear for Nightmare to feed on. Ghost Rider and Dan try to escape Nightmare's realm but discover that Nightmare has brought Dan's friends and family into the dream realm, and is attacking them with allusions of the Lilin. Ghost Rider destroys the illusions, and when Nightmare attacks them, Ghost Rider and Dan share a portion of their power with each other, giving them the strength to free Dan's friends an escape Nightmare's realm. As they leave, Ghost Rider and Dan part ways on the psychic plane, allowing Dan to find his way back to life on his own while Ghost Rider prepares to use his strength in the impending battle against the Lilin.