Ghost Rider / Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #4 VF

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The issue starts with Johnny Blaze doing stunts on the carnival. The scenes shifts to Troll and Hag, finding the remains of Skinner after his battle with Blaze last issue. They mention that Skinner’s life force has been drained by Ghost Rider (last issue) and they [Hag and Troll] can get him[Skinner] healed once they take him home to others for help [who exactly are these others are yet to be revealed].The scene shifts back to the carnival, where Blaze is talking to Wolff, how he dislikes the mystical nonsense bothering his life. Blaze then rides to Dan’s place so he can distant himself from the Ghost Rider entity and get back to his family. Then we see Hag and Troll kill an innocent man, Ghost Rider enters the scene, and Blaze and Ghost Rider go after Hag and Troll. While Ghost Rider is distracted fighting Troll, Hag nearly mesmerizes Blaze before Ghost Rider steps in to help. Suddenly, Blackout enters the scene, and helps Hag and Troll escape.After the villains escape, Blaze tried to give his gun and motorcycle back to The Ghost Rider hoping to get rid of him, but Ghost Rider refuses. The victims on the scene tell that, there were “others” with Wolf and Troll, and suddenly Venom appears in the scene and the issue ends.