Ghost Rider (vol 1) #55 FN

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Pete Hawkins, an auto racer, takes his Formula 1 car out for a test run on a secluded highway in Nevada, when, for amusement, the Ghost Rider buzzes him. He skids to a stop, injuring his arm. The Ghost Rider continues to Las Vegas, where he reverts to Johnny Blaze. Heading to his room, he passes through the Diamond Cowgirl Casino, and witnesses an altercation between Tatterdemalion (who has made it his mission to destroy the wealth of the rich) and the Werewolf (who has tracked him from L. A.). When the Werewolf suddenly ignores his foe and goes on a destructive rampage, Johnny again becomes the Ghost Rider to subdue the man-beast. When their fight carries them outside, the sun's rays cause Jack Russell to revert to himself, and Johnny does likewise.