Iron Man (vol 1) #161 VF

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"If the Moonman Should Fail!" Tony Stark and Steven Grant are about to get a tour of an underwater power facility they are both funding, but are ambushed by A.I.M. soldiers who take them hostage in return for industrial secrets. The A.I.M. soldiers leave, but have programmed the facility's robots to attack any intruders. Stark manages to change into Iron Man and is subsequently attacked by them. He manages to defeat them, but the airlock is damaged in the process. Iron Man does his best to hold the door closed while Grant takes the only escape pod up to the surface. He changes into Moon Knight and hits the streets of New York in search of the facility's designer, who now happens to be a junkie. Thanks to Crawley's help, he finds him, and they radio the facility and tell them how to override the airlock controls. With the hostages now safe, Iron Man leaves, beats up the A.I.M. soldiers, then returns just in time to change back to Tony Stark and be "rescued" with the others.