Jonah Hex: Two-Gun Mojo #4 (of 5) NM

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Doc "Cross" Williams has captured Jonah Hex and trapped him inside of a barrel. He reveals that he has spent many years studying voodoo mysticism and has even succeeded in resurrecting the body of celebrity lawman, Wild Bill Hickok. He forces Hex to consume copious amounts of his special "zombie brew", promising that after sufficient pickling, Hex will become a mindless slave, just like Hickok. But Jonah has a pretty sturdy constitution and breaks free of the barrel. He leaps off of a cliff into the river and eventually washes up on shore, where a father and son find his body and take him in. After being nursed back to health, Hex says his goodbye and gets back onto the trail (he borrows a horse from the family). His travels eventually bring him to New Mexico where he finds a tribe of savage Chiricahua Apaches fighting against a troupe of retired army soldiers. Hex enters the fray and tries to help the soldiers. After a quick flurry of gunshots, he realizes that at the center of the fight is Cross Williams and his traveling freak show.