Ka-Zar #17 FN

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Cover pencils by Rich Buckler, inks by Dan Adkins. "A Shark on the Wind!", script by Doug Moench, art by Val Mayerik; The other-dimensional army (the Sheearians) is at war with the Shark Men (the Quarlians), but when Ka-Zar tries to suggest an alliance, he is captured; Thrown into the Quarlian dungeons, he befriends Zartros the Gnome; Next, Ka-Zar is confronted by his friend Tandy Snow, now Queen Tandylla of the Quarlians. Mad with power, she gives Ka-Zar an ultimatum. "Captain America and the Red Skull" Hostess Twinkies ad. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.25.