Marvel Comics Presents... Wolverine #150 NM

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Script by Steve Lightle and Ann Nocenti. Cover and art by Steve Lightle. Bloody Mary A Battle of the Sexes Part One: Fractured Fairy Tales; Wolvie springs Mary from her shrinks and asks her to help him save a mutant empath from her captors; Mary becomes Typhoid and comes to Jessie's rescue but is captured by her handlers; She sends a psychic distress call to Wolvie, DD and Vengeance; As Vengeance battles Wolverine and Steel Raven takes on Daredevil, Typhoid manifests a new personality, Bloody Mary, and escapes with Jessie; They go to a battered women's shelter where Mary leaves Jessie as she learns that the young mutant is really a boy; Utilizing files she has stolen from the shelter, Mary begins to exact vengeance on men who have abused their wives. 36 pgs., full color. $1.50. Cover price $1.50.