Marvel Team-Up (1972 1st Series) #103 NM

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"The Assassin Academy" Guest-starring Spider-Man and Ant-Man. Script by David Michelinie. Pencils by Jerry Bingham. Inks by Mike Esposito. Cover by Jerry Bingham and Joe Rubinstein. Peter Parker and Scott Lang cross paths as both men investigate a mysterious organized crime operation in a warehouse on Lower Manhattan. The web-slinger is the first hero to go inside...and subsequently go down to defeat at the hands of the Taskmaster! Next it's Ant-Man's turn! However, the miniature hero succeeds in infiltrating the complex and freeing the wall-crawler! Now the astonishing Ant-Man and the Amazing Spider-Man pursue the Taskmaster to the top of the World Trade Center for their fight to the finish! (Notes: The Taskmaster appeared previously in Avengers 196 and appears next in Avengers 223. This issue features a full-page ad for Dazzler 1.) 32 pages Cover price $0.50.