Marvel Triple Action (vol 1) #5 VG

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Reprints: The Avengers #10 Immortus appears before the The Masters Of Evil, wanting to ally himself with them. They agree to do so one condition; to destroy the Avengers. Immortus agrees to this. He puts an advert in a newspaper offering people superpowers. Rick Jones longs to be an Avenger so he falls for the trap. Captain America finds the ad and rushes to help Rick.Immortus tells Captain America that one of the other Avengers sent Rick here. Cap goes back to HQ to find the traitor and takes them all back to Immortus. Immortus pits each Avenger to a character picked out of time that is similar to them, and all are beaten easily. Immortus grabs Captain America and sends him back into time to save Rick. The other Avengers are attacked by the Masters of Evil while they are weakened. Captain America saves Rick and is sent back to the present time and help defeat the Masters of Evil.

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