Mechaforce: Draw Futuristic Robots That Fly, Fight, Battle And Brawl

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Draw Futuristic Robots that Fly, Fight, Battle and Brawl

When it comes to drawing robots, beauty is more than skin deep - try armor deep. Slick surfaces and fancy mechanics aren't enough ... success depends on what makes your robot tick and MechaForce gears your imagination into overdrive!

33 step-by-step demonstrations show you how to render original, memorable robots, and bring them to life on the page. Learn how to:

   • Draw believable humanoid robots by using tubes, pipes, nuts, bolts, hydraulics and other machinery in place of muscles and bones.
   • Model robots after horses, spiders, dragons and other creatures.
   • Give your robots personality, from sleek and athletic to thin, comical or feminine.
   • Evoke an in-your-face sense of drama and action with extreme perspectives and different poses.
   • Achieve the realistic look of reflective surfaces and other robotic textures.
   • Compose dynamic scenes and establish moods with lighting.

Don't short-circuit your robo-creations. From the basics of drawing to dynamic battle scenes, MechaForce will help you create devastating robots with a no-holds-barred attitude!

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