Napoleon at War: Four Battles (1975)

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An SPI Quad game containing four separate Napoleonic battles:

  • Marengo (subtitle: Napoleon in Italy, 14 June 1800)
  • Jena-Auerstadt (subtitle: The Battle for Prussia 14 October 1806)
  • Wagram (subtitle: The Peace of Vienna, 5-6 July 1809)
  • The Battle of Nations (subtitle: The Encirclement at Leipzig, 16-19 October 1813).


The simple rules comprise just four sides with additional sheets for each of the scenarios.

A fun and highly playable game system about interesting subjects. It was the inspiration for Borodino, Napoleon's Last Battles, Napoleon at Leipzig, and many other wargames.

CRT has EE (Equal Elimination) feature. A die roll of 6 can result in an attacker with unit strength of 12 and a defender with unit strength of 2 both being simultaneously eliminated, unless the attacker has units of a lesser strength involved in the combat.