Ney vs. Wellington (1979) Strategy and Tactics

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Battalion level simulation of the Battle of Quatre Bras, 16th June 1815, 2 days before Waterloo. Uses the Wellington's Victory game system. Each infantry/cavalry unit is a battalion with each strength point = 100 men. Each artillery counter is a battery with each strength point = 1 gun.

Sequence of play is asymmetrical. Rules include facing, formation (line, extended line, column, square, skirmish), cavalry charge and counter charge, army morale, command control and everything one would expect from a tactical Napoleonic era game.

Victory determined by capturing objectives and killing SPs as well as breaking the enemy army's morale.

SYSTEM: Wellington's Victory System (WVS)
- scale = 100 yard/hex (91 m/hex); 
- time = 15 min/GT; 
- size = 100 men/SP (Regimental/Battalion Size )