Robin (vol 1) #3 (of 5) NM

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Lady Shiva arrives at the safe house occupied by Robin and Clyde Rawlins. She wants their help in stopping King Snake's latest scheme. She tells them about his plan to steal a fifty-year-old Nazi cache of a bio-engineered plague. Clyde doesn't trust Shiva, but Robin agrees to help her stop King Snake and the Ghost Dragons from stealing the plague samples.  They travel to an old buried bunker at the Maginot Line in France. They sneak inside and find the Ghost Dragons unloading two large crates bearing Nazi seals. Shiva splits up from them and begins attacking the Ghost Dragons on her own. Robin and Clyde get caught in a crossfire, and Robin discovers that Lynx is now leading the street gang. When she seems to have Robin at a disadvantage, the echoes of gunfire disturb a colony of bats that had been nesting in the cavern. The bats provide Robin and Clyde with an ample distraction and they use the animals as cover to get away from the Dragons. The gang gets ahead of them, and they arrive in time to find that Shiva has captured one of the crates, but the Ghost Dragons have escaped with the other in a helicopter. They destroy the crate and give chase.  Meanwhile, King Snake visits a Moorish clock tower somewhere on the Iberian Peninsula, and makes a bid to purchase it from its caretaker. He orders that it be dismantled and shipped to Hong Kong, where it is to be reconstructed. He receives a call from Lynx, who lies when asked whether she and her group have disposed of Robin and Clyde.  Robin uses his computer hacking skills to learn where King Snake is having the plague delivered. He, Clyde, and Shiva board a plane headed for Hong Kong, hoping to meet the Dragons there before it is released. They become more desperate when they realize that the virulent disease they are up against is the Bubonic Plague.

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