Spider-Man 2099 #2 NM

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'Nothing Ventured'.

In the year 2099, Miguel O'Hara, brilliant scientist and head of the Genetics Program at Alchemax Corporation, attempted to reset his genetic code after his boss, Tyler Stone, poisoned him with the addictive genetic drug. His jealous supervisor, Aaron DelGato, sabotaged Miguel's experiment. Aaron's interference accidentally transformed Miguel into mutated blend of man and spider - Spider-Man 2099!These first three issues form the complete origin story.PlotMiguel continues to recount his origin to his holographic computer assistant, Lyla. After he emerged from the wrecked experiment transformed as a spider-man, Miguel frightened Aaron by his appearance. Aaron began firing at him, triggering an explosion. The explosion left Aaron dangling off the side of the building. Miguel tried to grab him, but his clawed fingers ripped into Aaron's arms causing him to plunge to his death. Security arrived, and Miguel leapt out of the opening in the building. There, he realized his ability to cling to the walls via the talons on his hands and feet. Climbing to the roof, Miguel wondered how he'd escape knowing the Public Eye would arrive shortly to investigate. Suddenly, a follower of Thor (a "Thorite") flew by on a skysail shouting "Repent!" in anticipation for the return of the god of thunder. Miguel hopped a ride with the Thorite. Jokingly calling himself "Spider-Man", Miguel was recognized by the Thorite as an ally of Thor and harbinger of his deity. They crashed the glider, but were unharmed. The Thorite gave Miguel material from his glider to cover his face, since the original Spider-Man wore a mask. (Check out Issue #41 for the return of this Thorite!)Back at Alchemax, Tyler Stone hired a cyborg bounty hunter named Venture to investigate the explosion. Miguel made it home, fell asleep, and woke up later to realize he wasn't just dreaming despite how bizarre his day had been. Though his sheets were torn to shreds, he noticed that his claws retract when touched to his own skin....

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