Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Art Deco Lightweight Scarf

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Whether you're trying to blow up the Death Star at the Battle of Yavin or at the Battle of Endor, or you're battling the First Order, show your support of the Rebel troops with this Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Art Deco Lightweight Scarf. Its sheer design mimics the emptiness of space, where the X-wing is at its best, shooting down TIE fighters. Don't forget your astromech droid co-pilot!

The black and white scarf is almost 4 feet wide by 6 feet high, making it versatile for folding over or wrapping around your whole body. It's a stylish accessory to the standard issue Rebel fleet uniforms, and it will remind you to always stay on target.

Product Specifications
  • Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Art Deco Lightweight Scarf
  • Officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise
  • Filters the light of the Tatooine suns
  • For all members and supporters of Red Squadron
  • Great for keeping the sand out of your face on Tatooine or Jakku
  • Pattern features X-wing fighters
  • And geometric art deco design
  • Materials: 100% polyester
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash cold. Hang to dry.
  • Imported
  • Dimensions: 44" wide x 72" high