The Amazing Spider-Man #250 VF

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Confessions!" Part 2 of 3. The web-slinger's one-man war vs. the Hobgoblin continues! The amazing one privately contacts all the businessmen being extorted (by the goblin) in hopes of getting a lead on the super-villain's whereabouts! But eventually Spider-Man locates the Hobgoblin the old-fashioned way...with a spider tracer! In the Big Apple's Warehouse District, the wall-crawler comes face to face with his startled foe! Can the web-slinger score a quick victory and end the menace of the new goblin? Meanwhile, J. Jonah Jameson decides it's time to confess his involvement in the development of the Scorpion. The Daily Bugle's publisher prepares to take his mea the pages of his own newspaper. Cameo appearances by Harry Osborn and Roderick Kingsley. Flashback cameo by the Kingpin.

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