The Amazing Spider-Man #267 NM

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The Commuter Cometh!" Script by Peter David. Art by Bob McLeod. Cover by Mark Bright and Kyle Baker. The Amazing Spider-Man leaves the big city and travels to the suburbs to catch a robber! But once the web-slinger arrives in Scarsdale, he discovers that suburban life is nothing like his daily life in New York City! Out in suburbia there aren't any tall buildings for web-swinging or rooftops to leap over! So Spidey has to travel by foot and avoid the neighborhood watch patrol! Fortunately the proportionate speed, strength, and agility of a spider play just as well in the 'burbs as they do in Manhattan! And the web-slinger eventually gets his man! Cameo appearances by the Human Torch and Matt Murdock. (Note: Spider-Man wears both of his costumes in this issue -- first the black one and then the traditional red and blue.) Cover price $0.65.