The Avengers #144 VF

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First appearance of Hellcat.
Debut of Patsy Walker as Hellcat. The Avengers (Captain America, Iron Man, Beast, Vision and Scarlet Witch) and Patsy Walker have freed themselves from Dr. Spectrum cage. Vision blames Patsy Walker for their recent misfortune, accusing her, rightfully to have made them lost their fight against the Squadron Supreme, working for Brand Corporation. Hugh Jones announces them that they are in the classified weaponry section of Brand Corporation and that he intends to kill them. Saying so, he launches two missiles against the Avengers. Iron Man and Scarlet Witch manage to destroy them, but in doing so, Shellhead fall down on the floor, the impact making it collapse. The Avengers have been divided : Vision, Scarlet Witch and Beast together. Captain America, Iron Man and Patsy Walker are lower and decide to go take cover against the second wave of missiles. On their way they find the Cat costume. Iron Man quickly sums up what is known about the cat, Captain America asks Patsy is she wants to put the costume on to help them get out of there. Before she answers, the story flashes back to her who story, explaining the deal she had with the Beast : She keeps his identity secret and he makes her a Super-Heroine. Back to the main story she agrees, puts on the costume and calls herself "the Hellcat". Later, the two groups of Avengers are reunited and they prepare to clash with the Squadron Supreme when Hugh Jones learn the police are outside, asking for an explanation about the missiles, so Jones send both the Avengers and the Squadron Supreme to the Squadron Supreme's World. Back in the nineteenth century, Thor, Moondragon and Hawkeye are preparing to go back in the future when Two-Gun Kid tells them he wants to go with them. Thor and Moondragon have their doubt but Hawkeye agrees, declaring he will help him in the twentieth century and that he leaves the Avengers, again.

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