The Avengers #346 Fine

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Continued from Wonder Man #8.Captain America, Hercules, Sersi, Crystal and Black Knight have reached the outskirts of Hala as Ael-Dan and Dar-Benn give Ronan the Accuser one last chance to capture the Avengers and protect the Kree. Meanwhile, a ship arrives on the planet that is piloted by renowned smuggler K'Qill Vor Don, who is then killed by its mysterious passenger revealed to be Deathbird. The Supreme Intelligence summons Starforce and orders them after the Avengers, claiming they are helping the Shi'ar. A battle ensues near the capital citadel between the two teams as the Avengers are eventually surrounded. The Kree leadership arrives and displeased with the lapse in security, they order the deaths of both groups. Suddenly, the Avengers and Starforce are trapped inside an energy field by the Supreme Intelligence as Deathbird emerges from the shadows, killing Ael-Dan and then Dar-Benn before departing. Ronan arrives just as the Supreme Intelligence reveals itself and assumes control of the Kree Empire. While broadcasted across the empire, the Supreme Intelligence calls for Ronan to kill Deathbird and the Avengers executed while privately revealing the end of the Kree Empire is near. Continued in Iron Man #279.