The Incredible Hulk #306 VF

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Crossroads: Part 7 of 14 - "Call me Ishmael, call me Hulk!" Story by Bill Mantlo. Art by Sal Buscema and Gerry Talaoc. As the Hulk and his fellow exile become more acquainted a horror of immeasurable magnitude arrives at the mystical crossroads, Klaatu, the accursed energy-eater from the stars! The behemoth is soon followed by Captain Xeron and his crew (last seen in Incredible Hulk #136). However, Xeron soon realizes that there is a change within his greenskin friend. Will a Bannerless Hulk help Xeron defeat Klaatu, or will the green goliath only add to the greater threat. 32 pages. Cover by Mike Mignola. Cover price $0.65.