The Incredible Hulk #369 NM

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Banner awakens in an abandoned house met by a man armed with a shotgun, who threatens him for being in his family's home. However his wife is able to convince him to be charitable and offering him food while Banner ponders if the young son is being abused by the father much as Banner had been,While elsewhere the government team Freedom Force begins there latest mission, to bring in the Hulk.While at the house Banner learns the boy has lost his hearing, and helps the family turn their power back on to repay their kindness.While in Nevada the mysterious Prometheus continues tracking the Hulk,while in New York Mystique talks to an elderly woman who claims to have the Hulk locked in her closest but leaves shortly after which a beastly green arm grabs the woman and pulls her inside. Banner then leaves the family only to be ambushed by Blob, Crimson Commando and Pyro shortly after which he transforms into his alter ego and beginning a battle.However this has the inadvertent effect of Blob destroying the friendly families home, and burying the young boy alive. After which Hulk and Crimson Commando put aside their differences to search for the boy, with Hulk carrying an ambulance back to save him before knocking out Crimson Commando.