The Incredible Hulk #370 NM

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As the Hulk arrives in New York he is drawn to a mysterious old building, as is the street clothed Namor. However once upon arriving he finds Doctor Strange's spirit form battling a arm coming from a closet, however he quickly distracts him after which Doctor Strange is pulled in forcing Hulk in after his former Defender comrade.In a pitch black universe the Hulk and Strange are attack by a mysterious foe, however Hulk manages to throw Strange through the doorway and get his hand into the outside world, where Namor pulls him through and they manage to shut the closet door.The Hulk then transforms back into Banner as he and Namor go to find Dr. Strange,while elsewhere Doc Sampson interviews Jack and his family to learn the Hulk's whereabouts and learns of another man's inquiries on the subject. While at Strange's home Namor and Banner arrive to meet with Wong and Strange's new pupil Rintrah,with Banner noticing a large scar on the back of his neck. After Sampson leaves the hospital he notices a strange card which is successful in running him over and leaving him unconscious in the street. Banner,Strange and Namor then begin to talk about possible theories about the alternate realm being a dimension composed of Strange Matter, Strange then uses his powers to put Bruce in touch with the Hulk in a bid to convince Hulk to assist Namor and Strange.However inside they find a giant golden door of a mental block,however the strange matter creature then captures the Hulk mentally, and takes over Bruce's body in the real world confronting Strange and Namor.