The Mighty Thor #445 NM

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Operation: Galactic Storm, Part 7Immediately after exiting the stargate, the Avengers envoy to the Shi'ar get caught up in a firefight between a Kree starfighter and a remote Shi'ar planet. Intercepting the planet's distress beacon to the throneworld, Gladiator attacks the Avengers, assuming they are in league with the Kree. While Thor and Gladiator duel and debate the morality of war and the role of warriors, Captain Marvel and Living Lightning discover a Skrull aboard the Kree starfighter. Using morally questionable methods to overcome Gladiator, Thor starts to become the irresponsible, duty-driven monster he initially detested in Gladiator. The Avengers prevent him from killing Gladiator, but Thor impulsively sends his opponent through the Shi'ar stargate, sealing it permanently with his Uru hammer. En route to the Shi'ar homeworld, the stranded Avengers are suddenly intercepted by a flight of Shi'ar starcraft.