The New Avengers (vol 1) #53 NM

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First appearance of Brother Voodoo as Sorcerer Supreme.


As the Quinjet soars over New Orleans, trying to find a good place to land, Spider-Man tries to talk to a silent and visibly angry Luke Cage, to apologize for not knowing that his wife Jessica had a crush on him. Then suddenly, the Eye of Agamotto activates, displaying images of any possible candidate to replace Dr. Strange as Sorcerer Supreme, before disappearing to possibly its new owner. Then suddenly, they are hit by a missile, launched by Madame Masque. Wolverine and Spider-Man drop out, as Masque fires a round of blueets at the former, which he is able to withstand. She then fires another missile at the Quinjet. Strange is able to disassemble it with his magic. Spider-Woman then jumps out, fighting Masque hand-to-hand in a cloud of smoke. Just a Masque points a gun to Spider-Woman's head, it is knocked out of her hand by Captain America's shield. They inform the other Avengers about Masque's presence, which means that the Hood is here also.  Elsewhere, the Hood confronts Daimon Hellstrom, attempting to kill him but his demonic powered bullets were stopped in midair. Hellstrom demands to speak to the demon possessing the Hood, otherwise he will exorcise him. The demonic hood demands the eye, which Hellstrom couldn't understand. But before they could fight the eye appears in his apartment and then disappeared. Hellstrom then casts the Hood out of his house. The literally fiery commotion is spotted by the Avengers. The team splits up to take care of both villains.  Hellstrom's fight with the Hood has gone from ugly to worse, as the latter transforms into his more larger demonic form. The Avengers the intervene  Elsewhere, Masque has caught an innocent bystander at gunpoint and demands that the Avengers walk away from this. But before she could pull the trigger, she is hit on the mask from a bullet from Cap.  As Cage pounds the Hood, Strange tells Hellstrom that he can't have the eye; he insists that he doesn't have it. Then, Brother Voodoo turns up, with the Eye of Agamotto around his neck.