The Uncanny X-Men (vol 1) #136 VF

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"Child of Light and Darkness!"

After consuming a star and killing 5 billion people in a far away galaxy, Dark Phoenix returns to Earth. Meanwhile, at Shi'ar Empire, Empress Lilandra calls a meeting with her council and they decide that for the Universe could survive Phoenix must be destroyed!Back to Earth, Peter Corbeau had told US President Jimmy Carter that an huge amount of energy has been flying towards Earth and that something must be done. The President calls the Avengers, but it is Jarvis who answers the phone, because Beast had left the mansion after a call from Hellfire Club about the X-Men ( X-Men #134). Inside Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Beast is working in a device to weaken Phoenix when they meet again. One more time Cyclops is trying to control his emotions about the terrible situation they...

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