Warlock and the Infinity Watch #18 VF

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"Power Play!"

On Monster Island, the Infinity Watch tests Maxam's strength. But soon the Goddess appears, but only to Gamora and Moondragon. She is able to convince them into joining her in cleansing the universe of sin. She opens a portal and they both travel through.Pip, Maxam and Drax begin to look for their comrades but find them missing. Warlock is missing as well. Without leadership, Pip believes himself to be the one who should be in charge. He dons a new outfit and calls himself Pip Man and tries to take over the Watch. maxam disagrees but Pip is able to get Drax to vote for him to lead. Pip tries to figure out what is happening, but has no idea how to operate any of the computers. He teleports away and returns with Mr. Fantastic to assist them. He is already trying to figure out the situation from similar disappearances on Earth. He challenges Pip's command and gets Drax to change his vote. Together they all teleport back to Avengers Mansion.

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