Warlock and the Infinity Watch #9 VF

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"Old Wounds"

Galactus and Gamora meet with the Living Tribunal and Eternity. The Tribunal explains that his previous ruling prevents the Infinity Gems from functioning together. Because that verdict was in favor of Eternity, only Eternity can reverse it. However, the entity remains catatonic. Galactus bonds with Gamora against her will, and sends her into Eternity's body to heal him.

Gamora recalls her childhood with Thanos. On Tartoonla #7, she disobeyed his order to remain aboard their ship. She explored the port city, but was attacked by a street gang. They inflicted "abuses never imagined" and "an offense to both the flesh and the spirit." When she regained consciousness, she saw that Thanos had killed the gang. Her body was battered and her clothes were torn. Thanos took her back to their ship, and rebuilt her body with cybernetic parts. Gamora vowed to never be used or abused again.

Within Eternity, Gamora blasts the mystic bands that were causing his catatonia. She is surprised to see that this frees Infinity as well.