What If... Rick Jones had become the Hulk? (vol 1) #12 VF

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In this issue the turning point is obvious. Instead of Banner throwing rick into the ditch and taking the Gamma explosion Rick Jones did. From there, events begin to unfold very similarly. Rick and Banner are held in quarantine, and when the moon goes down Rick changes into the Hulk and escapes, and almost immediately is chased by General Thunderbolt Ross.Where the Rick Jones history begins to differ is that he has Bruce Banner to help him when he is the Hulk, and without having to worry about becoming the Hulk, he begins to find a cure. He locks him into a concrete enforced room. While Rick sits out his nightly changes Banner works on a cure, but before Banner can test his machine on Rick, Loki causes him to change and enrages him.He breaks out of the room and destroys Banners machine. Entering New York, once again realities cross as Rick Joins the Avengers. One day as Banner is recreating his machine to cure Rick Jones, there is a battle at the top of Stark Towers.After the battle when The Hulks back is turned, Banner shoots him with his cure ray. Rick leaves the Avengers to live a normal life. As he walks down a New York street he hears a commotion, and decides to check it out. There he sees Captain America fighting agents of Hydra. Rick jumps in to help Cap fight them off, and Captain America repays him by training him to fight.As They battle Hydra, the effects of Banners ray wears off, and he changes into the Hulk. Not wanting to be bothered with Hydra, Hulk leaps away. Feeling bad he didn't come clean with Cap, he goes to say he is sorry.When he arrives he sees Cap in a stasis beam pointing at some weird bracelets. Rick puts them on to find himself transported to the Negative Zone. There he finds when he came into the Negative Zone, Captain Marvel left the negative Zone.There Rick faces Annihilus. Driving him back he is brought back to his own world. There he discovers, that while he got rid of the Hulk persona, he is now sharing bodies with Captain Mar-vel.