What If... the X-Men had stayed in Asgard... ? #12 VF

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When the X-Men and New Mutants visited Asgard and it came time to leave, Rahne Sinclair opted to stay. Cyclops agreed to put the decision to a vote, with the winning majority deciding whether to stay in or leave Asgard. Loki, in an attempt to gain the favor of Those Who Sit Above in Shadow, reversed his own edict and sent the losing majority home to Earth, while allowing the winning majority to stay in Asgard. While those returning to Earth drove the X-Men into a new era, many of those staying found new loves. Wolfsbane found love in the prince of the Asgardian wolves, while Rogue found love in Fandral the Dashing, of the Warriors Three. Cypher became a scholar, translating and reading scripts long dead in Asgard, while Cannonball married the daughter of the dwarf king, Eitri. Nightcrawler and Sunspot became warriors, while Mirage became one of the Valkyrie. With Thor away, trapped in the form of a Midgard frog, Loki opted to have Storm become the new Goddess of Thunder in his absence.