Wolverine (vol 1) #1-4 Complete set VF

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1. Wolverine is in Canada to kill a feral bear, but after the deed is done, Wolverine learns the bear was shot with a poisoned arrow.Wolverine goes to Japan to see the love of his life, Mariko Yashida. Turns out that Mariko was forced to marry another man. So, to prove his love for Mariko, Wolverine battles Lord Shingen but is badly beaten. Wolverine is then thrown out on the streets. He awakes due to thieves but is saved by Yukio.
2. Wolverine awakes, only to be surrounded by the Hand, and with the help of Yukio (the girl who had helped him last issue), defeats them. Unknown to Wolverine, Yukio is working for Lord Shingen as his assassin. Shingen orders Yukio to kill Katsuyori with thwe aid of Wolverine and then to kill him too. At Katsuyori's house are Mariko and her husband Noburu Hideki, and Wolverine reallizes that Katsuyori plans to kill them. Wolverine prevents their assassination, and then Yukio kills Katsuyori and his wife exploding their car. After a feral and brutal fight, Wolverine kills every Hand ninja, and Mariko watches everything and looks horrified at him, while Yukio smiles...
3. The story begins with a drunk Wolverine fighting against a sumo wrestler in a bar, watched by Yukio. Outside the bar, Asano Kimura, a member of Japanese secret service waiting for Wolverine. He asks for help but Wolverine denies. Yukio kisses Wolverine. The Hand orders Yukio to kill Wolverine, but she denies and attacks them instead.When Yukio awakes Wolverine he calls her Mariko (he was dreaming with her calling him an animal) and then Yukio kicks him uncounsios. Later Wolverine learns that Yukio had killed Asano, and that she works for Lord Shingen and goes after her. Wolverine is ambushed by The Hand but manages to escape, but Yukio also run away after killing some ninjas.
4. The story begins with Wolverine attacking some drug dealers and then he sends a message to Lord Shingen throw then. Shingen sends The Hand after Wolverine, but he defeat and arrests every ninja. Meanwhile Mariko doesn't know what to do, she loves Wolverine but her father Shingen made her married Noburu Hideki, and now she knows that they both are bad guys. Yukio tries to enter Shingen's fortress but is captured by the Hand. She fights against Lord Shingen but Mariko stops the fight. Then Wolverine enters the fortress, and Yukio helps him, killing Noburu. Wolverine battles and is almost killed by Lord Shingen, but at the end he kills Lord Shingen. Then Mariko gives the Ashida's sword to Logan, saying that he deserves it more than his father and she is proud of him.

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