Wonder Woman (vol 1) #203 FN

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After Cathy Perkins starts a fight with some wolfish “admirers” of Diana (and Diana ends it), the now-homeless Diana moves in with her former assistant, whom she learns is now enrolled in a women’s liberation group and is taking karate lessons. Diana is offered a job at Grandee’s Department Store by Mr. Grandee, its owner, who wishes to pay her big bucks for appearing in ads for his store as the symbol of the new liberated woman. Unfortunately, Cathy’s group learns that Grandee is paying his all-female staff below minimum wage, which he can do because he buys goods from local sweatshops, thus avoiding the legal entanglements of dealing in out-of-state goods. When the group holds a meeting about the situation, some thugs hired by Grandee attempt to break it up but are defeated by Diana. Nonetheless, they hold Cathy hostage and manage a retreat. Diana trails them back to Grandee’s store, defeats them and Grandee, and frees Cathy. Nonetheless, at the next meeting of the group, a contingent of women storms in and angrily accuses them of causing the unemployment of 250 women who worked at the now-closed Grandee’s Department Store.