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I shifted on the examination table wearing one of those gowns that only half closes in the back. Scribbling furiously in my charts, the doctor sat across from me at a desk. Every so often he'd pause, look up, and tap his pen on his own chin. He was taking an awfully long time. My nerves were beginning to creep up my throat and I fiddled nervously in an antiseptic world. Anything to stop the nightmares.
Dr. Bently closed my chart and sat back in his chair. "Well, you're as fit as a fiddle. Nothing physically wrong with you, which is what I suspected. I think that it's best if you stay here at the Center for a couple of days of observation. We'll hook some instruments up to you and collect data while you sleep."
I paused for a minute. "None of this is dangerous, is it?"
Dr. Bently smiled. "What could possibly be dangerous about steeping?"
Of Sound Mind includes:
- Expanded and detailed psychological disorders and more information on playing insane characters.
- More history of the Nightmares through civilization.
- The National Center for Dream Research, The Watch, and The Eye of the Dragon.
- Adventures in mental institutions.
Reality is relative.