About us.

Since 2000, Corn Coast has proudly stood as Huntington's most renowned destination for vintage and contemporary comic books, collectibles, and more. What began as a mere hobby has blossomed into our true passion, and we are thrilled to share it with fellow enthusiasts like you. Over the years, we've had the privilege of serving countless satisfied customers all over the world, and we eagerly anticipate many more years of doing what we love.

Our commitment to our beloved Comic Book Store shapes our identity and fuels our daily endeavors. Each day, we strive to be your go-to destination for all things vintage and modern, catering to both young adults and adults in Huntington and all around the world.

Step inside Corn Coast, and you'll find a treasure trove of vintage comic books, hobby items, antique toys, sports cards, and a wide array of collectibles that bridge the gap between generations. Our store serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of timeless classics and the excitement of the latest trends.

Great service begins with great people and extensive industry experience. That's why our team comprises only the best and most qualified individuals in the business. We are a dedicated group, bound by a sincere desire to ensure your experience with us is not only easy and convenient but also incredibly satisfying.

Whether you have questions, need advice, or simply want to chat about your favorite collectibles, we invite you to visit us. Feel free to give us a call or drop us an email anytime. Your journey into the world of antiques and contemporary treasures begins here at Corn Coast.

Corn Coast isn't just a comic book and hobby shop; it's a haven for enthusiasts of all ages, where vintage charm meets modern chic. We take pride in showcasing the latest cutting-edge products and trends, all while preserving the timeless allure of cherished classics. Come, explore, and become part of our vibrant community. Your next great discovery awaits at Corn Coast!


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Jason McIlrath

Store Manager

Jason McIlrath has been part of the Corn Coast Comics family from the beginning, and is responsible for making sure our Geeks receive top-notch service as well as personalized care.