Action Comics #600

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80-page giant.


 Cover pencils by John Byrne, Kurt Schaffenberger, Dick Giordano, Curt Swan, and Mike Mignola, inks by George Perez, Jerry Ordway, John Beatty, Murphy Anderson, and Mike Mignola. Alternate Action Comics #600 cover, pencils by John Byrne, inks by George Perez.


 "Different Worlds!" script by John Byrne, pencils by John Byrne (breakdowns) and George Perez (finishes), inks by George Perez; Hermes summons Wonder Woman to Olympus from her romantic meeting with Superman, and the Man of Steel follows, but they arrive in different locations; After Hermes explains to Diana that Olympus has been taken over by Darkseid, the New God toys with the heroes, making them battle, as he discusses with Desaad his plans.

"True Love!" script by John Byrne (plot) and Roger Stern (script), pencils by Kurt Schaffenberger, inks by Jerry Ordway; Lois is upset that the papers are saying that Superman and Wonder Woman are dating.

"Games People Play!" script by John Byrne, pencils by Dick Giordano, inks by John Beatty; Lex threatens to reveal to the public that Maggie is a lesbian; Lex learns that he has kryptonite poisoning.

"A Friend in Need!" script by John Byrne (plot) and Roger Stern (script), pencils by Curt Swan, inks by Murphy Anderson; Superman goes to Millersburg to answer Jimmy's signal watch, but weakens from kryptonite poisoning.

"The Dark Where Madness Lies!" starring Superman and Man-Bat, script by John Byrne, pencils by Mike Mignola, inks by Mike Mignola.


 Comics Buyer's Guide Fan Awards for 1987. Kevin MaguireDave Gibbons, Walt Simonson, and Mike Zeck pin-ups; Art Adams pin-up inks.