Adventure Comics #378 VF

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Members of the Legion of Super-Heroes celebrate Brainiac 5's birthday. When drinking some kono juice, Brainiac 5 realizes that everyone's cup has been laced with a deadly poison, powerful enough to even kill Superboy. Brainiac 5 informs everyone that they have twelve hours to live. Brainiac 5 stays in the lab to create an antidote while the other Legionnaires spend their last hours alive. Superboy spends it by doing selfless acts for the galaxy. Duo Damsel spends her time with her family. Karate Kid finds himself chasing down the Fatal Five while Projectra broods in Metropolis. The five Legionnaires band together in their final hour at their headquarters, where Brainiac 5 informs them they he has failed to create an antidote. As Legionnaires collapse from the poison, Brainiac 5 rushes to the Miracle Machine, a machine that creates anything the user wishes, but forgets that it was trapped in a secure safe that only Superboy could break open. He also collapses and then the killer enters the headquarters, laughing. However, the killer stops and stands still as time itself seems to have been frozen.