Adventure Comics #455

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This issue of Adventure Comics has two stories. The first is I can't go home again! This is a Superboy story. The second story is Legacy This is a Aqualad story.Spoiler AlertThis story starts out with Superboy in space looking down at Smallville He had just got back from an entanglement with the Kryptonite Kid. Superboy had felt that the Kryptonite Kid was responsible for the kryptonite poisoning everyone in Smallville is suffering from. Unfortunately he was wrong and he has only delayed time. Superboy uses his x-ray vision to find out that it is Lex Luthor who is behind the Plague that is poisoning Smallville. He also finds out that Lex has taken over the whole town. Superboy riskes death by confronting Lex in the Smallville police station dressed as Clark Kent. Lex knocks him out with one punch and Pete Ross carries Clark out of the police station while Lex just laughs. Ross takes him home and Clarks father Johnathan takes him out of town to get him away from the kryptonite radiation. Superboy then goes to Consolidated Metal Works and dives into a vat of molten lead.