Adventures of Superman #516

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Superman Triangle #35 for 1994. A Zero Hour crossover issue. With the events of Zero Hour unfolding, Superman finds himself transported to an alternate version of Metropolis. In this Metropolis, Lois Lane does not recognize Clark Kent, and the city is protected by Alpha Centurion. Superman teams up with Alpha Centurion to defeat the Centurion’s arch-enemy, Bloody Mary. Superman brings a wounded Alpha Centurion back to his headquarters, where he reveals his origin: he was a Roman captured by space aliens, learned their technology, then was returned to Earth thousands of years later. Using alien tech, Alpha Centurion became the greatest hero of his world. After a bath in “aquavitae” to heal his wounds, Alpha Centurion introduces Superman to his wife Lois. Superman reveals that he is actually from an alternate timeline, and recruits Alpha Centurion to help fight against the Zero Hour time rifts.

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