Adventure Comics (vol 1) #326 VG

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Story 1: The Revolt Of The Girl Legionnaires! The female Legion of Super-Hero members deceive a cadre of male members and have them stay in space for a month. The remaining male members are seduced and put in deadly situations by the female Legionnaires. It is revealed that Queen Azura of Femnaz used a hypnotic jewel to place a post-hypnotic suggestion to hate men, but she had seen the error of her ways. The female Legionnaires save the men that they placed in danger and are forgiven.  Story 2: Bad Boy Clark Kent! Superboy acts bad in school to protect his secret identity.  (Reprint from Superboy vol 1 #71.) Untitled Super-Turtle story Super-turtle puts parachutes on houses blown away by a tornnado so the houses can land safely .

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