Adventure Comics (vol 1) #337 GD

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Love is in the air as Lightning Lad proposes to Saturn Girl and Ultra Boy proposes to Phantom Girl, even though it means that they cannot remain in the Legion of Super-Heroes. They don't care and decide to get married. Meanwhile, the Legionnaires have been on an extensive case to try to apprehend three villainous aliens. The aliens, trying to be crafty, transform their looks to be human and apply for the Legion of Super-Heroes, now that they lost four members to marriage. The three aliens take the names Magnetic Kid, who exhibits magnetic powers over living things, Blackout Boy, who can neutralize light, and Size Lad, who can make anything bigger or smaller. However, the marriages were a sham and simply a ploy to get the aliens to come out of hiding and were apprehended by the Legion of Super-Heroes.Story 2: The Secret Lives of Superbaby!Ma Kent accidently gives Lana Lang a box full of momentoes of Superbaby.Reprinted from Superboy (DC, 1949 series) #51